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Wednesday Links

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2-1 and a successful road trip (but disappointing considering the circumstances of the loss)

Good game last night, and one that got pretty intense at times. It of course led to Stackhouse's ejection and he had a lot to say about it after the game.

"This is just not a team you can come out and be passive against. They're going to hold and grab. That's what they're taught to do - play a fake physical game. We're a team that can play any style."

"But that's coward basketball. That's what they play, trying to talk the refs into calling flagrant fouls and [coach Jerry] Sloan lobbying for a flagrant foul at half court."
On the first flagrant:
"He knows my move. I've been playing against Matt since 1992. That move is to back the guy off of you. A guy with any good sense would have backed up."
And on the second:
"If he'd gone straight up, I'd have had all ball, and it wouldn't have been a collision like that. But he moved the ball, and then obviously he flopped and fell, and I didn't even touch him. If anything, I hit his arm. But that wouldn't make him fly all over like that.

But that game's over and tonight Portland's in town. Art Garcia writes about this stretch of games.
The team had been on the road since Friday and was scheduled to arrive back home at 2:30 a.m. this morning after Tuesday night's 108-105 victory at Utah.

The Mavs head out Thursday to Indiana and don't return until Sunday night. By the time they're done in Toronto, they'll have played in six different cities in nine days.

According to Sefko, Shawn Bradley was sitting courtside at the game last night. How does the local broadcast not show him?


Around the NBA: Jason Kidd filed for divorce. Ironic.

Memphis keeps scoring. They beat the Lakers with 128 points last night.

The Anthony Johnson Rumors continue. This time it's Atlanta.
Keep an eye on this rumor: The Hawks eyeing Dallas' little-used point guard, Anthony Johnson, for unhappy Salim Stoudamire and throw-in Esteban Batista.