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Blazers Game Player Ratings

Game 37 Player Ratings
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 7 8.2 Probably the kind of game Avery was wanting from him
Jason Terry 8 7.1 Good shooting night
Josh Howard 7 7.9 I thought he took a couple of bad 3's, but he made them
DeSagana Diop 6 5.9 More assists than rebounds and blocks combined. Has to be a first
Anthony Johnson 6 6 Same old, same old
Jerry Stackhouse 6 6.4 Worst game of his return
Greg Buckner 7 6 Nice night
Devin Harris 7 7.3 Loved that block
Erick Dampier 8 6.9 Player of the game. Didn't let Randolph establish position
Austin Croshere 7 5.7 He doesn't suck. He's one of the worst players on the team, but he doesn't suck.
DJ Mbenga 6 5.7 Too bad about the shot to the nose, I wanted to see him play.
Devean George 6 6.5 not a good night