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Thursday Links!

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Avery Johnson always says he approaches every NBA game the same no matter the opponent, but it was pretty obvious last night when he gave Croshere and Johnson significant first half minutes he wasn't real worried about a loss. Dallas was so much better the game was almost boring. Almost.

Onto the links...

Dwain Price writes about the Mavs toughness. He points to pretty much every player on the team as an example.


Jason Terry wants to compete in the 3-Point shootout again.

"I ran out of time and ended up being short one ball to advance," Terry said.

On his final attempt of the first round, Nowitzki canned the 2-point moneyball to eliminate Terry, 14-13. Nowitzki went on to become the first 7-footer to win the Long Distance Shootout, beating Gilbert Arenas 18-16 in the final round.

"Different outcome this year," he said. "[After competing once,] you know you're ready, and you know what you have to do to come out and perform well."
Jason Terry is currently 9th in the NBA in 3P%.


Price's game recap has a bunch of quotes from Avery about the good games Dampier and Croshere had.


Sefko also writes about the Mavs toughness and points to Stackhouse as an example.
Ironic, isn't it, that the Mavericks have historically been a soft, finesse team and, all of a sudden, Jerry Stackhouse is the league's favorite villain.

Avery Johnson loves it.

And Stackhouse isn't opposed to it, either.

The events in Utah on Tuesday night - not to mention Stackhouse's comments afterward - illustrated once again that these Mavericks are meaner and tougher than any prior version.

Around the NBA: The Celtics Tony Allen attempted a dunk after a whistle had blown and blew out his knee.