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Friday Links

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At Indiana tonight, and don't forget about the 6:00 start...

Onto the links...

Sefko had a mailbag yesterday that I missed somehow. He starts off by saying the Mavs shouldn't trade Anthony Johnson for the same reasons I've stated. There are also a couple questions on Erick Dampier - one from someone who thinks he's the worst player in the league and another from someone who thinks he should win most improved player.


Austin Croshere has one good game and suddenly both Eddie Sefko and Dwain Price have articles about him.

"I think when you get into a little bit of a shooting slump, you think about it too much," he said. "And you go a couple games without playing and then you stress that you have to make it. The last couple weeks, I just stopped worrying about those things.

"I haven't been playing like I know I can, but when I'm on the bench I never stop thinking that I can help this team and play an important part on it."

Chris Webber has said he would play for the Mavs. The more I think about it the LESS I like it. And I didn't really like it to begin with.

Webber also has Detroit, Miami, San Antonio and the Los Angeles Lakers on his list.


Sefko has an article about the decreased production from the center position lately.
His defense and pick-setting have been good. But Johnson wants more from his centers.

"Teams are guarding them now," Johnson said. "There's been enough articles written now on how they are improved. So if you are improved, people tend to pay more attention. And now I really want to see what happens."
Dampier hasn't had a double-digit scoring game since his 22 point outburst vs. Seattle on December 20th. Diop hasn't had a double-digit rebounding game since December 9th.


Jan Hubbard writes about how the Mavs are wrongfully overshadowed by the Cowboys in the local press.
Suggesting the Mavericks are a neglected team is like saying Donald Trump is modest. Go to American Airlines Center any night, and the enthusiasm is as overpowering as The Donald's ego.

Yet even with the regular daily print coverage, the nightly brief highlights on television and a few segments here and there on the radio talk shows, the Mavericks seem to be flying under the local publicity radar.
This is Hubbard's second Mavs related article in the last two months.


Around the NBA: The Suns killed the Cavs, and Steve Nash had 21 assists.