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Tuesday Links

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Looking towards tonight's game against Houston, Kevin Sherrington writes about the best sport in the state these days.

Texas, our Texas, is hoops heaven.

Believe it. When the Mavericks and Rockets play tonight at American Airlines Center, exactly one-third of the NBA uber-elite will be on display.

And when the Mavs play the Spurs? Only the NBA's best rivalry.

Bottom line: Nearly half the Finals over the last 13 years have featured a member of the Texas Triangle. No other state comes close to that many appearances over the same span.
So why did I have to listen to local writers discuss the Cowboys safety position on my way to work today? Bleh...


Eddie Sefko and Art Garcia have articles about the Mavs bench this season. They both talk about how bench scoring is down this season, but point to Stackhouse being out and Devean George playing great defense as signs the Mavs are still one of the deepest teams in the league.
Upon digging deeper, you would find some plays and some nonstatistical efforts that have made the bench an asset even when the reserves aren't filling up the basket or the box score.

"We didn't really get these new guys for offense," assistant coach Del Harris said. "We got them for the other aspects of the game and yet to be a threat on offense that you have to guard. And I think they are that.

Dirk on why the team doesn't care about winning 17 of their last 18.
"He obviously makes sure that we don't get carried away here," Nowitzki said of Johnson. "And we know it's still so, so early, and we know what kind of work it took us last year to get to the NBA Finals."

Sefko reports that the Mavs spent a lot of time in practice yesterday working on pick-and-roll and transition defense.


Mark Cuban has launched an official Mavs Wiki. I haven't had a chance to really look around it yet, but it seems like a cool idea.


Down in the D-league: Mensah-Bonsu once again led the Flyers in rebounds, this time grabbing 16 in 40 minutes. Ten of his rebounds were offensive, which probably helped him get his 22 points on 10-16 shooting. Pops also had two steals, three blocks, and five turnovers.


Around the NBA: Gilbert Arenas scored 50 - again. And he also hit a buzzer beating, game winning three when the team only needed a two - again. Not only is his swag phenomenal, it's soon to be legend.

Phoenix and Memphis scored a lot of points. Both teams had over 70 at halftime which hadn't happened since 1992.