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Friday Links

I love games like that. Even Avery Johnson was impressed.

"To play a team that's been playing really well like they've been and to play the way we played pretty much from that second quarter on is a good sign."
Art Garcia's game recap focuses on the way the Mavs have revenged their losses.
As impressive as their record is -- and it's the best in the league -- teams have gotten the best of the Mavericks.

Just not twice in row.

Add the Lakers to the list of those to beat the Mavs, only to fall the next time they square off.
A list that also includes San Antonio, Utah, Houston, and the Clippers.


Macmahon's game recap is all about Josh Howard.
Jackson acknowledged that Howard was playing at a high level for the NBA's best team. But Jackson, considering the glut of great forwards in the Western Conference, just wasn't ready to punch Howard's ticket to Las Vegas.

"It's a tough call," Jackson said.
Coach Avery Johnson decided to let Howard sit out Monday's practice, allowing him to rest some minor aches and pains.

Howard responded by regaining his All-Star form. He had a then-January-best 28 points on 12-of-21 shooting in Tuesday's win over Houston. And Howard was the most productive player on the floor against the Lakers, despite the presence of MVP candidates Dirk Nowitzki (27 points, 10 rebounds) and Kobe Bryant (26 points).

Howard has his legs back, ready to run in Vegas.

Dwain Price went crazy and asked Greg Buckner about 70.
"It's crazy, because I was just thinking about that [Wednesday] night," Mavs guard Greg Buckner said. "If we would have won a couple of those [first four] games and continued to play as well as we've been playing here lately, we definitely would be on a nice way to try and win 70."

"That's a difficult feat," Buckner said, of winning 70 games. "It takes a special year, and it takes a special team.

"But even if you do win 70 and you don't win the championship, that's not good, either."

Kobe says Dirk is the MVP, not because he deserves it, but because Kobe doesn't want it.
"Give it to Dirk," the Lakers guard said. "I don't even want it.

"I just don't play for that. That's completely out of my mind."


MacMahon has a little on Devean George's versatility..


Injury Update: Devin Harris, who dind't play last night because of the flu, will not practice today either. He will join the team for the road trip to Miami.


Around the NBA: Marquis Daniels had a season high 21 points last night.

The Spurs continue to look for a trading partner but teams don't seem to have interest in anyone they've got besides Brent Barry. The headline of that article is ominous: "Spurs have many concerns: Defense, shooting, athleticism and bench are in need of a boost"

Rasheed Wallace got in a shouting match with ESPN's Chris Sheridan.

Steve Nash isn't shaving during the suns winning streak.