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Tuesday Links

Mavs go for eleven straight tonight against the Sonics.

The Mavs should be on a high for this game after beating Denver in what Avery and many players called "their best win of the season".

"We struggled, but we found a way," George said of the 89-85 victory Sunday at Denver. "That's a good sign. Guys weren't shooting well and we were behind, but we just kept fighting and grinding to get the win. Everybody kept pulling for each other.

"It's good experience to grind games out. It builds confidence when you're down that if you can keep playing your game, you can still get a win. I don't know if people realize what it means."

Austin Croshere, who started for the sick Dirk against Denver, agrees that it was a great win but was disappointed in his own play.
"I just can't make any shots right now," the 6-10 forward said. "I'm not that far off. But it's a little frustrating."
Not make excuses for Croshere, but I imagine it's hard to find a rhythm or comfort zone when you're used to playing 20 minutes every game and suddenly play five minutes a week.


Sefko's article today is about the Mavs defense over their last ten wins.
"The best part is that the players really have a conscience about defense," assistant coach Del Harris said. "There have been teams here recently that didn't feel any pangs for a defensive error.

"But now, the guys equate a missed defensive assignment with a missed shot or a missed offensive assignment. And that's where we need to be."
Lots of good quotes in this article so definitely check it out.


Injury Update: Jerry Stackhouse is out and Dirk is still sick but expected to play.

For Seattle Danny Fortson is questionable and Rashard Lewis is out with injury he suffered the last time these two teams played.


Around the League: Shaquille O'Neal is nearing his return. He's going to travel with the team on their upcoming six game road trip and could play on January 15th vs. the Lakers. Shaq has missed 24 games this season for the 13-17 Heat.