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Quick Morning Links

Randy Galloway, Art Garcia, and Eddie Sefko all have articles about returning to Miami. They've all got the same premise - the NBA Finals really sucked, but it looks like it made the team better. Sefko's and Garcia's article have a lot of the same good quotes.

"I zapped through NBA TV the other day, and I saw a little bit of the [Miami] celebration and I couldn't watch it," Nowitzki said. "That's obviously a sore spot. When they were driving around with the trophy, I made sure I zapped away pretty quickly. That's a sore spot for me and probably the whole team.

JJT writes about the Mavs new attitude.
They win with matter-of-fact performances that say, "We're better than you, and we both know it." So, as Avery Johnson says, there's no need for chest bumps and raucous celebrations after wins, even against the best teams the NBA has to offer. Good teams, especially those with the potential for greatness, should act like they expect to win.

The Mavs approach each game with a single-minded focus and determination to win that comes from gagging - there's no other way to say it - last summer in the NBA Finals, when they blew a 2-0 lead against Miami.

And Garcia also has a good article which he deems his second quarter report.


Down in the D-League: It was a Mavs showcase in North Dakota last night. Mensah-Bonsu had 18 points and 21 rebounds, obviously leading the team in that category again. He also continued his shooting efficiency, going 7 for 9.

Barea, who started and played 44 minutes, led the team in points with 24. He also contributed five rebounds and nine assists.