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Tuesday Orlando Game Links

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Sefko writes about the Mavs great rebounding this season, focusing on Dampier.

The Mavericks don't have anybody among the top 10 rebounders in the league. But they do have three players averaging more than seven boards per game - Nowitzki (9.5), Erick Dampier (8.1) and Josh Howard (7.2).
For proof about the importance of the board game, the Mavericks are 27-1 when they rake off more caroms. They are 7-7 when they get the same or fewer rebounds.

Dampier has been particularly effective not only at getting rebounds but also for getting rebounds for his teammates. He has a keen ability to tip out rebounds that are in traffic and that he can't get both hands on.

Art Garcia has quotes from the Mavs about how focused they are on the postseason.  It's impressive that this team is able to only care about the playoffs and still realize the importance of the regular season.  Scratch one up for Avery on that one.


USA Today's David DuPree ranked the MVP candidates in ten categories to see who the winner should be.  The Final Result: 1) Dirk 2) Nash 3) Arenas.


Around the League: Former Mav Darrell Armstrong started for the Pacers last night and almost got a triple-double.

Carmelo Anthony finally returned last night (with an awful hairdo). Denver scored 17 more points than Memphis and Anthony scored 5 more than Iverson (on 9 more shots).

The Spurs were up big on the Celtics but allowed them to come back and make it interesting in the end.

The Gasol trade rumors have begun with the Bulls at the forefront.

Peja Stojakovic might be done for the year.