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01/23: Dallas Mavericks at Orlando Magic Open Thread

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On paper, this game sets up well for the Mavs. Orlando (23-19) played in Cleveland last night, and while they won that game, it also snapped a five game losing streak. They haven't been playing their best basketball lately but are 14-7 at home and Dallas has won just seven one of their last 8 on the road against the Magic.

From a game planning standpoint it's pretty simple. Focus on Dwight Howard. Try not to let him get the ball near the basket (he's Orlando's leading scorer at 17.1 ppg). Make sure you block him out as well as you can (third in the NBA with 12.5 rpg). And ideally get him in foul trouble, but that's easier said than done, because he averages two blocks and just three fouls in 36 minutes per game. He's easily the most talented person that porn star Mary Carey has ever partied with.

Whatever the Mavs do, they can't let JJ Redick beat them; I couldn’t handle the embarrassment.

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