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Middle of the Week Links

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Dirk knew how close he was to his first triple-double.

Nowitzki scored a game-high 33 points and added 10 rebounds and eight assists. He was made aware of his assist total at the half (seven) and had visions of a historic night.

"Before my career is over, hopefully I can mix one in," Nowitzki said with a grin.
He chose not force the issue last night and settled for his sixth straight double-double instead.


Avery looks back at when he screamed at Jason Terry last year in Orlando.
"It was anger, believe me," Johnson reflected. "It was anger on one of the higher levels. It was just trying to get us to understand it wasn't always about winning or losing. It's just how you play."

Harris understands why he wasn't in the starting lineup last night.
Sometimes, size matters. Orlando starts 6-8 Grant Hill at shooting guard, and the Mavericks are working on rotations in that situation that may help them down the road when they might see Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant or another super-sized shooting guard in the playoffs.

"And I'm totally A-OK with it," Harris said. "I think it's a better fit for the team because when I'm guarding a two-guard and they take me into the post, we got to double team, and they can swing the ball and get open shots. With George in there, that's another big body and more guys can stay home."
Harris had actually defended guys like Kobe and Vince Carter pretty well, but I suppose 6'8" is pushing it. Avery emphasized after the game that Devin did not lose his starting job.

Harris will certainly start on Thursday since the Bulls start 6'3" Kirk Hinrich and 6'3" Ben Gordon.


Jason Terry talks about his recent assist totals.
The assist totals -- he had 13 and 11 in back-to-back games against the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami -- have come, Terry said, because teams are playing the two-man game differently.

"They're definitely going to jump out on that pick and roll," he said. "As a player, you need to read it and make the necessary adjustments. Hey, that sounded real professional. I sound like Avery, don't I?"
I loved when Terry used the word "generalship" during a TNT interview last week.


Around the NBA: Carmelo and AI are now 2-0.

Phoenix destroyed Washington. I watched this game during the commercials of the Mavs game last night and Washington was playing some of the worst defense I have ever seen. Ever.

Doug Christie want to return to the NBA. Good luck with that.

And here's an entire article about Carmelo Anthony's MySpace page and how his agents want him to have 500,000 friends. It's a sign of the times. (I've always wanted to say that)