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Friday Links

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Avery Johnson thought pretty much everything was at fault for the loss last night.

"We just didn't have it in any area tonight," he said. "They had a lot to do with it. They were really ready to play. We were low on energy. We were low on concentration. We were low on execution.

"That's really not typical of our team. We are much better than we showed tonight. Our shots didn't fall. We had silly turnovers. I didn't call any good plays tonight."
Avery can say the coaching and turnovers were bad, but we all know if the Mavs shoot even just 38% last night they probably win.


I liked this postgame comment by Del Harris the most.
"In my years of experience, I've learned that when none of your players play well, you usually don't win."

John Jackson of the Chicago Sun Times wonders if last night was an NBA Finals preview.


Art Garcia has a short article on Jerry Stackhouse with a focus on his bench points last night and in Miami.


According to Sefko, the Mavs bench has decided not to shave and it isn't going well.
The fact we've been doing it for 10 days and nobody's noticed tells you how it's going," Croshere said.

That is, some of the backups are having trouble cultivating follicles. DeSagana Diop, for example, has never shaved his cheeks. "I've never had to," he said. "It won't grow there."

The idea to grow beards was Jerry Stackhouse's brainstorm. Oddly, Stackhouse was clean-shaven Thursday night, having tried unsuccessfully to trim up his beard. Croshere has a healthy growth, and Greg Buckner and Anthony Johnson are starting to look a little shaggy.
At the top of that article, Sefko says PJ Brown is someone the Mavs could be interested in. I'm not sure if Jerry Stackhouse would get real excited about that. Here's what he said about Brown's surprise good game last night.
"P.J. Brown, not to take anything away from him, but we've watched tape and he hasn't done anything."

David Moore wonders what Mike D'Antoni's All-Star starting lineup will look like. Will he start Dirk or Amare? Or neither?

We should find out if Josh Howard made the All-Star team on Tuesday.


Down in the D-League: The Mavs could have used J.J. Barea last night. He shot 18-24 on his way to 43 points. He was 4-7 from beyond the arc and also had six rebounds and four assists. The only blemish on his line was five turnovers.

Mensha-Bonsu managed just one rebound and scored 11.


Around the NBA:The Lakers are trying to trade for Jason Kidd.

Gilbert Arenas has predicted on his blog that he'll score 50 on February 11th vs Portland.

The Spurs are shopping Brent Barry and Beno Udrih but are hesitant to trade both.

Mallory is going to Vegas.

A D-League team mascot ran onto the court and dunked during the end of a close game. And there's video!