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01/27: Dallas Mavericks vs Sacramento Kings Open Thread

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One Sacramento paper isn't real optimistic about the game tonight.

As if facing the Mavericks isn't trouble enough under any circumstances, the Kings get them on the second night of a back- to-back and as the sixth game in nine days. They have won once in Dallas in the last eight regular-season and playoff games, including a 19-point defeat on Dec. 18 while allowing 109 points. That's nothing new. The Mavericks have hit the Kings for triple-digit scoring in 15 of the last 16 meetings, and each of Dallas' last four wins in the series have been by double digits.
Even Tom at Sactown Royalty is suggesting Kings fans should cover their eyes.

Dallas has already beaten the Kings twice this season. The first time by 19, and the second time by 18.

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