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Saturday Kings Game Links

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According to Avery Johnson defense was just as bad as the offense against Chicago.

"This is the lowest-rated defensive game we've had in our history [according to the Mavs' coaching staff's rating]," coach Avery Johnson said. "I haven't seen many of those [bad performances] on the good teams that I played on and this good team that I've coached.

"That's a rare deal, that night where you're just flat-lining everything."
So the worst defensive performance ever, 31% shooting, and in the game with a couple of minutes left. Wow. If only Dallas had had the second worst defensive game in history.


Sefko points out the Mavs next five games.
Seems like every time the Mavericks actually lose a game, they look up and help is on the way.

This time, it's five consecutive games against losing teams, a generous portion of lightweights coming up on the schedule, which should do wonders for cleansing the palate after their loss in Chicago.
The next five are: vs. the Kings, vs. the Sonics, at Memphis, vs Minnesota, vs Memphis.


Mark Cuban knows why Dirk isn't in the All-Star game. Those damn commies!
"It's an international vote, and internationally there's a whole lot of communists voting, and they always just vote the party line," Cuban said. "I bet you [former Mavs forward] Wang Zhizhi [who is from China] got some write-in votes."
-------------------'s John Hareas writes why Dirk is MVP. That's part of a very thorough mid-season awards special which you can see all of here.


The NBA announced that winners of last years skills events at the All-Star will defend their title this year. That means Dirk is in the three-point shootout again this season, which is cool. Nate Robinson in the dunk contest - not cool.


Eddie Sefko mailbag from a couple of days ago. I always miss these because they aren't getting emailed to me despite signing up about four times.


Down in the D-League Go vote Pops and Barea into the D-League All-Star game. That game will be televised on NBATV.


Around the NBA: The Spurs beat the Grizzlies and Tim Duncan was one block shy of a triple-double.

Jamal Crawford scored 52 for the Knicks as they beat Shaq and Dwyane Wade. Crawford made 16 shots in a row during that game - Josh Howard missed 16 shots against the Bulls.