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Avery Johnson was proud of the after last night's win.

"This was a gutsy performance," Avery Johnson said. "Sacramento played a good, tough game. They refused to lose. We refused to lose.

"We had a pretty emotional week. We've been traveling quite a bit. I think we're called the Globetrotters now. Our guys didn't have any energy against Chicago, and I don't think their energy was 100 percent [against the Kings]. But they gutted it out."

Avery is planning to lobby for Josh Howard's All-Star campaign.
"I don't know how much it helps, but if somebody tells me it helps, I'm going to do it," Johnson said of soliciting some votes among the West coaches. "We got a lot of stuff we do behind the scenes, and we'll do everything in our power to try to make sure he's on the team."

According to Avery the day off of practice before the Bulls game and the loss were unrelated.
The Mavs' 96-85 loss at Chicago occurred Thursday, but coach Avery Johnson said it took "almost half a year" to break down the film.

"Every possession, there were multiple mistakes," Johnson said. "Our players don't play like that."

The Mavs flew to Chicago from Orlando on Tuesday night, then had a film session on Wednesday before Johnson surprised them and gave them the day off. The next day, the Mavs surprised Johnson by playing one of their worst games of the season.

Johnson said there's no connection between the off day and his team's poor play against the Bulls.

"David Robinson used to say he's never seen a bad day off," Johnson said of his former San Antonio Spurs teammate. "And the new players feel the same way."

The loss to the Bulls was just the Mavs' second in 22 games, leaving Johnson to quip: "I'm glad that everybody makes a big deal of it when we lose. That's the way we want it."

Devin Harris a short article in the Star-Telegram today. He writes about a lot of stuff and the team is playing "pretty decent".


David Moore goes on a rant about how messed up the All-Star selection process is. He's not a fan of fan-voting or having to vote based on position.


Down in the D-League: It was the Mavs show again. J.J. Barea had another double-double with 25 and 11 assists. Barea shot just 5-19, but he got to the free throw line for 17 attempts, making 14.

Pops had a double-double as well, scoring 22 and grabbing 18 rebounds. He also blocked four shots.

When Avery Johnson was aksed if he was going to watch tape of Barea's 43 point game last week he replied "Yeah, I want to see if he played any defense."


Around the NBA: The Bulls beat Miami. The Heat have lost all three games since O'Neal returned.