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Despite not being a very competitive game last night it was a pretty entertaining one. And kudos to the crowd for going crazy whenever Dallas forced a shot clock violation.

The good defense last night began with guarding Ray Allen. His one good quarter was the Sonics only good quarter.

Sonics guard Ray Allen heated up in the second period, scoring 18 points and hitting all four of his 3-point attempts, including one that Johnson said was taken from Irving or Grand Prairie. Allen set an opponent high this season for points in one period, surpassing the 17 by Lakers guard Kobe Bryant in the third quarter Dec. 17.
Devin Harris only played three minutes that quarter because foul trouble.

For some reason I thought this was a funny quote from Ray Allen.
"In the second quarter, I felt free," Allen said. "That is the way I like to play basketball, the way I need to play basketball. If we want to win, that is how we have to play. But they took me out of a lot of stuff ..."
The defense was good, but Dirk wasn't too bad either.
Nowitzki still wasn't 100 percent, and for that the Sonics could be thankful. He was hearty enough for 31 points - his first 30-point night since Nov. 24 - to go with 15 rebounds as the Mavericks streaked past Seattle in the second half for a 112-88 victory at American Airlines Center.
Nowitzki was the anchor.

"Dirk's a warrior," coach Avery Johnson said. "He plays injured. He doesn't just play in pain. He plays injured."

Josh Howard on winning player of the week and the all-star game:
"I wasn't expecting that. I just thought that was a one-time thing."

"Just to be recognized, it'll be cool. And to make it to the All-Star game my fourth year, not too many players can do that."

"They pick the same people every year. It ain't no biggie to me, just as long as I can keep helping my team win. Not to take anything away from them, but a lot of players in the league deserve that chance."

Moe Ager has a good attitude about his time with the Fort Worth Flyers.
"I'm definitely glad I did it," Ager said. "I went down there and got a chance to play and work on a few things. It was good for me.

"It's definitely not as bad as everybody says it is. It's a perception thing. It's a developmental league. You go down there and get better. The competition was pretty good. Each team had at least three players signed to NBA teams. And everybody down there is fighting for a job. It makes everybody hungry."

Injury Update: Stackhouse might play on Thursday vs Indiana, but the way this has been going I'm not expecting it.