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Tuesday Links

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Seattle is in town tonight and like every game, Dallas expects to win.

"When we were sitting in the locker room [in Chicago after the loss] -- and it had nothing to do with Chicago, it had nothing to do with when we lost to Utah [on Dec. 11] or anybody -- you get to a level, and I wanted to get us to this point where when we lose, we're surprised," Johnson said.

"And that has nothing to do with any other teams -- we respect everybody. All of the championship teams that I've been on... you have a high expectation of yourself on every possession, and that's what we want."

It's the exact opposite in Seattle where the local papers are predicting defeat.
Over the past two months, life on the road has been anything but sweet music for the Sonics, who have strung together 12 consecutive defeats in away games.

The chances of avoiding the record of 13 in a row in one season, set by the 1972-73 squad, seems slim considering the defending Western Conference champion Mavericks (36-9) have won 13 consecutive games at American Airlines Center.
Avery isn't concerned about what Phoenix is doing.
"No trophies are being given out. We're not discouraged about the standings," Avery Johnson said.

"... You want to try to win as many games as you humanly can, but you're going to have to win on the road in the playoffs, and the better team is going to win. The team that had home court in the Finals last year didn't win the title," he said.

Angel Verdejo of the Star-Telegram interviews Pops Mensah-Bonsu.


Sefko has a good article about the Mavs increased three-point attempts this year.
"I'm OK with the good ones," Johnson said of the increase. "And we've done a good job of recognizing it. It's not like we're settling for threes."
"We got guys that can shoot it," said Josh Howard, who already has made twice as many 3-pointers this year than last (55 to 27). "So when they're open, take it. But coach keeps us humble, too. We got to mix it up. We can't get stuck on that 3-point shot. He gets after us when he sees us shooting too many threes."
Dallas is currently 10th in the league with 18.3 3PA per game and 4th in the league in percentage by making 37%. Phoenix is shooting a pretty amazing 40% as a team behind the arc.


Around the NBA: Garnett had 44 and 11 and Phoenix lost, ending their streak at 17. Dallas has played six more game than Phoenix against the Western Conference and lost two less.

Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson got beat by Charlotte for their third loss in a row.

Portland is the latest team trying to get Gasol and have reportedly offered LaMarcus Aldridge. I don't think Portland is what Gasol had in mind...