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01/31: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Open Thread

This is the third meeting between these teams this season. Dallas won the first two back in November, and coincidentally Josh Howard missed those games with a sprained ankle. The Mavs will be without Howard again tonight. Dallas won the first game thanks to Erick Dampier (22 and 15), and a 40 to 25 4th quarter. They met again the very next day and Dallas came out on top in less convincing fashion.

Memphis will have Pau Gasol tonight; he missed the first two meetings with a broken foot. They've also hired a new coach who has completely changed their offensive style to a fast pace game. The new style hasn't really helped them win more games though.

Running is fun but not the cure-all. The Griz averaged 94.5 points under Fratello and now score 100.2 points per game. Yet they allow about 10 more points per game, and have watched teams score 100-plus points in a franchise record 21 consecutive contests. Former Griz coach Hubie Brown would be ashamed.
As of right now, Greg Oden will probably be a Grizzly next season.

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