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Thursday Stuff

Eddie Sefko writes about Dirk's lower scoring this season.

He scored 31 on Tuesday against Seattle. It was the first time since Nov. 24 - 18 games, plus one that he missed - that he topped 30 points.

"I thought I'd lost it," he joked about his abundant scoring skill after blistering the Sonics.
"There's definitely more options than I've ever seen," he said Wednesday. "Obviously, we're not a great passing team. But we don't need to be a great passing team. We got a lot of guys who can make plays off the dribble. We have a lot of guys who can break their man down. It's fun the way we've been sharing.

"You don't really have to take tough shots. If you have a tough shot, you can move it and somebody else can get a better shot on the other side."
Dirk is currently averaging 23.4 ppg after averaging over 26 the last two seasons. Not coincidentally, he's also shooting almost 50% from the field - easily a career best.


Art Garcia touches on Dirk's scoring as well and also mentions that Avery is lobbying for J-Ho to be an all-star.
The Mavs are lobbying hard for Josh Howard to make the Western Conference All-Star team. Every chance he gets, Avery Johnson makes sure he links "Howard" and "the All-Star Game" in the same sentence, especially after Howard was named the conference player of the week for the second week in a row.

"If you're really just watching the game and you're seeing what he's doing night-in and night-out, he should be on the [All-Star] team," Johnson said. "He's been running the team better and reading defenses."

Injury Update: Jerry Stackhouse is technically a game-time decision but it doesn't really sound like we'll see him.
"Today, it was good to just get out there and kind of feel a bump a little bit," Stackhouse said. "So hopefully I'll take the next few days and get in a little more rhythm and hope to be at full speed [soon]."

Around the NBA: Arenas hit a 30 footer at the buzzer to beat the Bucks.

The Spurs lost in overtime to Minnesota! San Antonio had a chance to win at the end of regulation but it appears they drew up a play for Matt Bonner to take a three. Weird.

Memphis not only won last night scored 144 points in the process.

Antoine Walker was deactivated for conditioning reasons. Funny.

For the Bill Murray fans -- here's a short clip of him on "Tuesday Night with Ahmad".