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Friday Spurs Game Links

The only real disappointment last night was the play of Jason Terry. I loved what Avery Johnson said about him after the game:

Asked if Terry, who played just 19 minutes, was in his doghouse, coach Avery Johnson said: "I think I'm too young to have a doghouse. But he was in a bedroom that I didn't like."
And the biggest bright spot? That's easy.
Devin Harris.

He's about the only thing that's been lost amid the Mavericks' unstoppable run. Certainly, games haven't been. And while Thursday's victory was a lot tougher than the 100-91 final score would suggest, it still was another notch in their belt, the 12th consecutive victory.
was able to get to the rim pretty much all night long," he said. "They try to bully you around, but we don't let it bother us. Nobody's going to have perfect games every night. I guarantee Jet will be back [tonight]."

Jan Hubbard decides to write about the Mavs. (first time this season?) The topic -- complaining about people who compare Dirk to Larry bird by comparing Dirk to Larry Bird.


Sefko writes a little bit about Darrell Armstrong and Marquis Daniels returning to town.
By the way, Armstrong still believes a coaching career is out there for him.

"I told Avery if he needs a free-throw coach, I'll be available," Armstrong said.

Mercedes Mayer looks for who replaced Darrell Armstrong's presence in the locker room. She says it's the coach.
"We all have so much respect for him - we don't want to let him down," Buckner said. "He's not old like your grandfather, but he's like that grandfather you don't want to let down.

"I've never been on a team where every single player respects the coach and admires the coach," Buckner said. "That's very unique. Whatever [Avery Johnson] says, we believe in and we do it."

Injury Update: Stackhouse actually played last night and he didn't really look hurt at all. He'll probably play a little bit more tonight.


The Mavs current winning streak puts them among elite company.
With the Mavericks' 100-91 victory over the Pacers, Dallas became only the 11th team in NBA history to have two separate 12-game winning streaks in the same season.

As much as I love that Mavs are coming into tonight's match in San Antonio on a winning streak, I hate that the Spurs are coming in on a losing streak. Good teams like the Spurs don't lose three in a row very often - especially at home.
"It's a game we've got to win," Duncan said. "It's a situation where we've lost two here in a row on the road. It's a game at home where we've lost too many already. It's a division opponent.

"There are so many reasons for it to be whatever you want to call it: a measuring stick, a good game, whatever. It's a game we have to be focused and ready to play. It's going to be big for us."

Mark Cuban was wearing a shirt after the game last night that read "I went to the riverwalk and all I got was this stinking rash."


Around the NBA: Good game between the Lakers and Kings last night. And I stayed up too late watching it.