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Beginning of the Week Links

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Hey, 13 out of 14 ain't bad. It did suck to lose like that -- at the hands of Vujacic. And the awful Dallas fourth quarter definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

Although the Mavs (27-8) failed to match the franchise record for consecutive wins at 14, the bigger disappointment was their showing in the final quarter.
The end embodied the disjointed fourth quarter. The Lakers scored 33 in the period on 61 percent shooting, erasing a nine-point deficit.

The Mavs appeared to lose their offensive composure in the period and shot only 36.8 percent. Bad offense and defense down the stretch isn't a good combo.
No time to look back on it though, because it's Utah on Tuesday. It was almost a month ago when Dallas lost a game. That was against the Jazz and it was ugly (101-79). Jason Terry hasn't forgotten about it.
They did what they needed to do to win. We're not going to cry about it. This one hurts just like the last loss in Utah hurt."

Sefko has a little on the way Avery has been gradually increasing Stackhouse's minutes as he returns from injury. The main goal is keeping him fresh for the playoffs.
"We have a plan where he and I are on the same page. The key is to get him healthy for the rest of the season. If he has to take a game off or two down the road, that's no problem. He's going to be a big key for us as we move forward."

Injury Update: Jason Terry hurt his wrist a little on the "block" near the end of the game yesterday. Sounds like he'll be fine though.

Here's what some of the Mavs had to say about that play.
They didn't call [a foul], so I guess it wasn't," Terry said.

"I know Jet got fouled," Howard said.

"Jet said they got his wrist," Jerry Stackhouse added. "That's enough for me."
It was hard to tell on the replay if it was hand or wrist, but it was definitely a lot closer then I thought it was as I watched it live.


The LA times has some quotes from Mark Cuban on this years team.
Now that the Mavericks, who lost their first four games of the season, have put their struggles behind them for now, does Cuban think they can be as good as they were last season?

Better "by far," he said. "That team was not even closed defensively to this one. We are light years ahead."
What else would you expect him to say?


Around the NBA: Wade returned for the Heat last night and were finally able to win a game. David Moore has an article in the DMN today about the Heat's problems this season.

Minnesota played their third overtime game in a row. They won their third in a row too, this time over Houston.

The Cavs might have some interest in Anthony Johnson.
Though they are running hot now, the Cavs still might look at getting another guard before next month's trading deadline. Two names that have emerged as potential targets, the Denver Nuggets' Earl Boykins and the Dallas Mavericks' Anthony Johnson.