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Mavs Stuff From the Hollinger Chat

Transcript here

Lots of Dirk questions, but not even close to the number of Kobe for MVP questions.

Dave (Vancouver, BC): Is Bargnani a more co-ordinated version of Nowitzki? I always thought Dirk looked a little herky-jerky with his movements while Bargnani seems to have a great flow to his game.

John Hollinger: Wow ... have you been taking advantage of those "herbs" I heard they have up in B.C.? I like Bargnani, but Dirk is in a different league athletically.
Trey (Los Angeles, CA): John - When are you finally going to admit you're biased against Kobe? Seems to me that you should at least disclose your prejudice in the interest of fair journalism.

John Hollinger: Yes, it is only my horrible anti-Kobe bias prevents me from admitting that he's been more valuable than every single other player in the entire league this season. Sometimes I think people forget this when they try to make MVP arguments for people. I mean, have you seen DIrk Nowitzki or Tim Duncan this year? On a side note, I get accused by fans of every other team of being a Laker lover. As long as the ratio between the two is roughly 50-50, I'm probably doing OK.
Alex (Atlanta): Would you put Josh Howard on the All-Star team? Hands down he's an All-Star. But since the West is flooded with Carmelos and McGradys, I don't know if he'll make it. But technically speaking, he's an All-Star.

John Hollinger: I'm starting to come around on Howard's candidacy. It's a combo of two things for me: 1) watching Howard play defense, and 2) watching Zach Randolph play defense. Zach has better stats right now, but I think Howard has done more to help his team win. And it may come down to those two for the final spot.
josh (dallas): is the MVP wrapped up pretty much by dirk?

John Hollinger: It's early January ... nothing is wrapped up. But I think there will be a strong sentiment to give it to him if it's close, and right now it's not even that close.
Jonathan (Raleigh, NC): Dirk is great, but using your own words from above, how does he beat out Duncan given the difference in defense between the two?

John Hollinger: Because he's been better offensively, he's playing more minutes, and his team is winning more.
Lakers fans are crazy about this Kobe for MVP stuff. During last nights game they were giving him the MVP chant early in the 4th quarter when the Lakers were actually losing the game and Bryant had less than 20 points. Not to mention it's not even the all-star break yet.

Chanting MVP in January is as dumb as doing the wave.