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Mavs Record Makes Howard an All-Star?

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Marc Stein thinks so.

Wes (Dallas): So we know J-Ho is an All-Star, but what do you think his chances of actually being named to the team are?

Marc Stein: Pretty good, actually. The West is still a nightmare in the frontcourt, but my suspicion is that the coaches will pick Nowitzki and Howard no matter what as long as the Mavs are still doing what they're doing through Jan. 29, which is the tentative date for West coaches to turn in their votes.
In a later question Stein says he thinks Zach Randolph won't make the team in small part because of his off the court reputation but mainly because the Trailblazers just aren't winning.

I've never been a real fan of selecting all-stars based on the quality of their teammates, but it sounds like that could help Josh Howard this season -- not that he needs it.