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01/09: Dallas AT Utah Open Thread predicts another Jazz victory.

I think that as far as personell goes the Jazz match up great against the Mavericks. Last time these teams met Carlos Boozer had 31 points and 11 rebounds. In contrast Dirk Nowitzki countered with 26 points and 1 rebounds. Yet, the rest of the Mavericks starters (Howard, Dampier, Terry and Harris) combined for 29 points. The Jazz meanwhile had 4 of their five starters score in double figures Kirilenko had 10 points, Fisher had 10, and Williams had 18. Not to mention Matt Harpring's 15 points of the bench.

What I am getting at by breaking the scoring down is that I believe the Jazz match up with Mavericks better than anyone in the NBA. I believe that the Jazz will outscore the Mavericks tonight and win. The Jazz just need to keep up their offensive production. Going in to tonights game they are averaging 100.7 points a game and although Dallas is the top team in the league I don't see any reason why the Jazz can't win tonight.
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