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Playing Catchup Links

Rather than post every single link I missed over the weekend, here's a quick recap of what I missed.

The Mavs lost twice this weekend.  On Friday, they lost at Chicago. Stackhouse started and Jason Terry didn't dress.  JJ Barea and Josh Howard were really good.  Moe Ager was pretty bad.

On Saturday, Dallas got beat by the Wizards at George Mason University.  I didn't get to see any of this game, but Ager and Bass led the team in scoring and in minutes played.  Dirk, Terry, and Stackhouse all sat it out.  I'm okay having not seen it.


DJ Mbenga participated in the full practice yesterday. He could play later this week.


Finally!  Avery has admitted Dampier wasn't playing against Golden State because of his shoulder.

He injured the shoulder getting his right arm pinned behind his back late last season against New York. He continued to play with a partial tear in his rotator cuff, which hampered him in the playoffs.

"That's why he didn't play as much," said Johnson, who added that he doesn't need a reinvented Dampier when he does get back.

"We don't have to change who he is," Johnson said. "He's pretty good for us. He's been a little inconsistent, like everybody. More than anything, Damp sets the best screens in the NBA. We have a stat that tracks that. Damp is per minute one of the better offensive rebounders, if not the best."
Dampier was seventh in the NBA in offensive rebound rate last year. Diop was eighth.

Jeff Caplan has an article on Dampier today and the dirty work he does on offense.
"When he's dominant, we're a different animal," Dirk Nowitzki said. "Hopefully we'll get his shoulder right, get him in good shape, so as we head down the end of the season he'll be the animal we know he can be."
I thought Brandon Bass was "The Animal"?


Devean George doesn't expect to play a minute this preseason.
George said the stress reaction in his foot is improving, but he doesn't expect to play in any preseason games. He's scheduled to start jogging on a treadmill Thursday.

"That's the real test, when I start pounding on it," he said. "So far, I've just been walking on it and stretching it."

Sefko writes about Diop having to play well while Dampier is out.


Here's a good diary and discussion on the Kobe Bryant to Dallas Mavericks trade rumors. I don't really want to waste too much time on them because there is no way it will happen. For the record, I'd be thrilled about any trade that joined Kobe and Dirk.