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Wednesday Morning Fight Night Links

Quite a game last night - too bad it wasn't on TV locally. It was on in Cali, and Tom @ SacTown Royalty says it's one of the best preseason games he's ever seen. As you know by now, Josh Howard was ejected for running up and pushing Brad Miller after Miller pushed Harris. Here is the video. Way to have Devin's back!

"I was protecting my teammate, that's about as simple as you can put it," Howard said. "It was a dirty play, and it wasn't even Devin."
I'm guessing Howard will be suspended for the opener, but Avery wouldn't agree with that.
"I don't think it's a suspension," Mavs coach Avery Johnson said. "We'll see what happens. We're a team that tries not to back down. You got to hold your ground out there. You got to defend yourself. I don't advocate anybody fighting. But he got pushed and he needed to do something about it in a legal way."
The Mavs won the game by the way. Jason Terry hit a three with four seconds left that made the score 101-99 and that's how it ended.

Quick boxscore observations: Jerry Stackhouse started again, but before you make anything of that I should point out that Darvin Ham did too. Brandon Bass had nine rebounds in just 20 minutes off the bench, but he also fouled out. Dirk led the team in scoring (23, 11 in the 4th), rebounds (13), and assists (5).


Eddie Sefko has a Josh Howard/Scottie Pippen article. It's amazing how similiar their numbers are in their first four seasons.


Mark Cuban did not get voted off Dancing With the Stars last night despite being given the lowest score by the judges.


This Day in Mavs History
2002 Did not match the LA Clippers' 3 year, $6 million offer to restricted free agent Wang Zhizhi. Thus, Wang became a Clipper.