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A Hilarious Spin on the Kobe Rumors

Sometimes I wonder if this isn't really how some of these rumors get started.

Monday, Oct. 15, Very Late Evening
According to a fellow patron in a swanky Los Angeles restaurant, Cuban celebrates his effort on Dancing With the Stars by ordering beef. The witness isn't sure if Cuban orders Kobe beef, but "it may have been, I couldn't tell."
Wednesday, Oct. 17, Early Morning
A casual numerology devotee reads about Bryant in the November issue of Esquire magazine and learns that Kobe has lost 18 pounds since the end of last season.

After checking the Lakers roster and determining that Bryant had been listed as weighing 220 pounds, the devotee does the math and puts Kobe's current weight at 202.

According to his calculations -- 2 plus 0 plus 2 -- the number now associated with Bryant is four. Dallas, he points out, begins with D ... the fourth letter of the alphabet.