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Monday Links

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I certainly did.

The Mavs had a good weekend too, winning big against Detroit on Friday and beating the Hornets last night.

Brandon Bass played well in both games, and through 7 preseason games is averaging 12 points and 7.4 rebounds in 25 minutes per game. He is definitely making the decision to release Pops look good, but nothing he could do in seven preseason games is going to make me fell completely comfortable about the backup PF situation.

There is still just one story dominating all the Mavs news, and it's obviously Kobe. JJT came up with three possible Kobe trade scenarios for Dallas, all of which include either Dampier or Diop. Surprisingly, none of them included Dirk -- Taylor wrote this offseason that the Mavs should trade Dirk for Kobe without even blinking. I guess Taylor knew that scenario would be a waste of time because Cuban came out and said this weekend that he is "not trading Dirk for anyone."


Jeff Caplan has a short article on Brandon Bass and Darvin Ham.


Sefko writes about all the choices Avery still has to make before the season starts.


This Day in Mavs History

1984 Traded Bill Garnett and Terence Stansbury to Indiana for a 1990 1st round draft pick (top 7 protected) or 1991 1st round draft pick.