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Tuesday Morning Links

Eddie Sefko writes about JJ Barea and how he is trying to improve for his second season. Barea also gets some praise from Paul Westphal.

Assistant coach Paul Westphal said Barea clearly is "one of the top 50 point guards in the world. Of those, 30 are starting in the NBA. It's a matter of figuring out where Barea stands among those next 20 point guards."

Eddie Jones says he's out of shape because he spent a month of the offseason considering retirement.
"I thought I ran well," Jones said. "Unfortunately, on the tape, it didn't show that I ran well."

But, that's OK. Jones, 36, has a little more time until he reaches his self-imposed "fit" deadline he promised coach Avery Johnson. The vow to be game ready by Wednesday has yielded some light-hearted banter between the 13-year veteran easing his way back into shape and his impatient new coach.

"Turtle progression," Johnson said. "But I see it."

Center Jamal Sampson was waived. He sprained an ankle last week which really killed any shot he had of making the team as Diop's backup to start the year.


Injury Update: Devean George is 10 days away from returning to full practices.

DJ Mbenga might play 3-6 minutes against the Bulls tonight, but that doesn't mean he'll be ready for game one of the season.
"He hasn’t played in a year," Avery Johnson said today. "He’s had an ACL injury. He wasn’t in the rotation when he was healthy, so we’ve got to give him some time."

Mike Kahn says the Mavs are most interesting team in Texas but doesn't really mean it as a compliment.


Interview with Dirk about his "journey to the NBA" -- includes funny child picture.


Here is Mark Cuban on Dancing With the Stars last night.


This Day in Mavs History:
2004 Evan Eschmeyer announced his retirement. Eschmeyer was re-acquired during the 2004 summer trade for Erick Dampier.
Eschmeyer is one of least talented players to ever wear a Mavs uniform.