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End of the Preseason Links

I didn't get to watch last nights game, but there were a couple of things of note that took place.

Josh Howard sprained his wrist. X-rays were negative, but they have scheduled an MRI for today. Hopefully it heals enough for him to be back for game three when his suspension is over.

"It's just real sore," Howard said. "It's nothing bad right now, just have the MRI and see what's going on. It didn't feel good, but they got me out of the game and took care of it."
I was really curious to see what the starting lineup was going to be for the game last night. Avery Johnson had said before the game that it would be a dress rehearsal for the start of the regular season.
"We hope to play pretty much like we'd like to see it in Cleveland," Johnson said. "I'm going to have to do a little bit without Josh in there because we're going to have two games without him. So we'll look at some combinations, maybe even the point guards together like we've done in the past, playing them together."
So what did it look like? Jerry Stackhouse didn't start. Jason Terry didn't start. Trenton Hassell started. I'd be tempted to say that cements that he would start with Harris this season, but the game really didn't look like a dress rehearsal after all. Mbenga played 12 minutes, Eddie Jones didn't suit up, and nobody played more than 30 knows. Who knows...


Just in time for the start of the season, Mark Cuban was voted off Dancing with the Stars.


David Thomas picks some dates he is looking forward to this season and makes some offbeat predictions too.


Art Garcia writes about Diop being the only center on the roster.
"I've got to be smarter," he said. "I can't go like last year. Sometimes you have to give up the layup to stay on the court."

"I'm the only true center," Diop reminded. "Bass is going to back me up early. My minutes are going to be up and I'm ready for the challenge.

"I'm trying to be more aggressive on the glass. That's one of my main goals this year, to get more rebounds than I did last year."

This Day in Mavs History
2004 Signed Felipe Lopez to a 1 year, non-guaranteed contract. He would be released 5 days later.