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J5 Update, and the GM Survey

Josh Howard had his MRI this morning, and the results say he has a mild sprain.  I would imagine that's what they were hoping to hear.  No word yet if he'll ready for game three, but things are sounding good.


The 07-08 GM survey is out, and as always there are some interesting results. 44.4% of GM's think Dallas will win the division while only 40.7 picked the Spurs. Then things flip in the playoffs. Over half of GM's think San Antonio will win the Western Conference, and 37% have them winning it all -- compare that to 14.8% and 14.8% for Dallas. They did pretty much the same thing last year and ended up being right...

Other Mavs things of note:

-Nobody picked Dirk to win MVP but he got 18% of the votes last year.

-7.7% of GM's say Dirk causes opposing teams to make the most adjustments.

-18.5% say Dirk is the best Power Forward -- that puts him behind Tim Duncan (48.1) and Kevin Garnett (25.9). Duncan was also voted the best Center.

-74.1% put Dirk as the best international in the league.

-Devin Harris received a vote for best "on-the-ball defender".

-7.7% said Dell Harris is the best assistant coach in the NBA, which is interesting because he isn't one anymore.

-26.9% say Dallas has the greatest homecourt advantage.