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Friday Morning Links

Sefko writes about how the Mavs are going to take advantage of Devin Harris and really try and focus on transition offense this year.

Getting easier points is an obvious point of emphasis for a team that at times struggled to score last season. So coach Avery Johnson, with extensive input from assistant Paul Westphal, implemented the strategy of running without repercussions for point guard Devin Harris.

"Transition offense, we didn't get enough of it last year and we definitely didn't get enough of it toward the end of the year," Johnson said. "And we've got two guys that have terrific speed that we should be able to utilize better with wing guys that can run.

"We had too many looks toward the bench instead of just taking it and going and making something happen. So we want to have less looks and more fast breaks."
Dallas was the third slowest team in the NBA last year in terms of pace (number of offensive possessions per game).


Jan Hubbard writes about Avery wanting to reduce Jason Terry's minutes. It's pretty clear at this point that part of that plan is for Terry to come off the bench.
"I'd like to see [his minutes] go down and for him to be more effective," Johnson said. "We want to try and win as many games as we can, but we want to be a little fresher at the end of the season."

"I'm very comfortable in both roles," Terry said of starting or relieving, "and I think that shows the growth and maturity of this team. I'm a guy who will sacrifice for us to win. If we win and I come off the bench? Perfect. I'm a total team guy, and that won't change."

Here's a recap of David Stern's press conference yesterday. It obviously turned into a gambling Q&A.


Randy Galloway thinks the Mavs should be going after Kobe.