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Fox Sports: Mavs Will Win It All. Wait, No They Won't.

Fox Sports analyst Charley Rosen takes a look at the Southwest Division in this review. His conclusion: "This could very well be the season in which the Mavs finally win it all." Very nice. But, wait, a few sentences later he proclaims, "Perhaps not." Dang.

His reticence to unequivacably endorse the Mavs as  favorites to win the championship is becoming all too common, despite the fact that, as Rosen states, "The Mavs certainly have sufficient overall talent and depth to succeed the Spurs."

We all know the reason, and it comes down to one fact: The Mavs have been one of the favorites to win the NBA Championship for two seasons and stumbled each time. This sentiment is nearly universal, from hardcore Mavs fans to objective national observers, and it is going to make the regular season difficult for Mavs fans to get a handle on.

Even if the Mavs win 70 games, will fans be able to enjoy it? If the Mavs stumble during the regular season, will it cause even greater dread as Mavs fans consider that the elusive championship is even further away?

I guess you could say it's a good problem to have: A team so good that anything less than an NBA championship would be considered an abject failure. Hawks fans should be so lucky. That said, I don't think Mavs fans will breathe easy after securing a playoff spot, a top four seed, a top seed, or even the Western Conference title. The pressure will be on until the final whistle blows after the last game of the NBA finals.