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Chris Webber Is Staying In America

Chris Webber has turned down a 12 million dollar offer from Olympiacos, stating that he's an "NBA guy".

I don't want to want Chris Webber on the Mavs, but I think I do. The idea of having Dirk, Diop, Fazekas, Bass, and George as the only healthy options at PF and C for as long as 25 games scares the hell out of me.

It might not matter though, because Webber is saying he'll only come back for the Pistons.

"I'm not going to Greece," Webber said. "It's no disrespect to [Olympiacos], but I can't do that. I'm an NBA guy. I don't want to just chase money. I want to make sure I respect the game.

"To tell you the truth, it's kind of stupid in a way to turn down stupid money, as my dad would call it, but I can't just do it for the money. If I'm going to play, I'm only going to play as a Piston ... unless something crazy happens."
My guess is something crazy happens. I really don't get the impression that Webber is willing to retire, and it doesn't sound like Detroit is a realistic possibilty.

Webber will most likely try to stay in shape and latch on to a team mid-season, but by that point Dampier will be back and the Mavs need will have shrunk just a little bit.