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Thursday Morning Mavs Links

Avery Johnson spoke about Chris Webber yesterday, and it doesn't sound like it will happen.

"I don't want to say close the door," Avery Johnson said. "It's just something that we hadn't talked about because from what he said he's going to either retire or go back to Detroit."

The team isn't keeping a light on for PJ Brown, either.

"Right now our team that we have is our team," Johnson said.

Jerry Stackhouse isn't buying that there is a battle for a starting spot.
Y'all got to stop listening to Avery, man," Stack said with a knowing smirk. "It ain't as open as you think. We're not going to win a lot of games with Jason Terry sitting on the bench. He's going to be there."
I'm still not so sure, especially when I read quotes like this.
"Game time is based on getting it done defensively, kind of the way we started off here the first year," Johnson said. "Playing time based on defense and playing time is based on you being a threat offensively. We can’t be in situations where we have five defenders playing against three offensive guys, so as much as I do preach defense, we’re just preaching balance."

"Hopefully if guys play well I won’t have to be as concerned about it as I was last year. We had some pretty big mismatches, even in the playoffs. Jason Richardson gave us fits at the 2-guard spot. Hopefully we’ve addressed that."
Mike Fisher is predicting Trenton Hassell.


Fisher also has a report from practice where Avery is working Brandon Bass hard.


The Spurs are retiring Avery Johnson's number this season. Congrats to him, although I found the news a bit surprising -- and I'm not alone.


It's sound like there is an outside chance DJ Mbenga could be ready to start the season. That could be huge even if he's just playing five minutes a game. The Mavs need all the help they can get with Dampier out.


Jeff Caplan writes about Diop trying to improve his offensive game.


Avery has come up with the motto "Stay Stronger Longer" and Sefko has some quotes about what the means, and the methods the team will use to try and accomplish that.


Devean George has left the team to go see a doctor in Indiana. He has a "stress reaction" in his left foot. It sounds like it's more of setback than an injury. I normally wouldn't be too concerned about this, but since George is one of few options at backup PF it is a bit worrisome. Avery thinks it might cause Devean to be overweight and out of shape to start the season.

George got off to a slow start last season too because of food poisoning.


DA is going to the Nets.