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Dampier Close Links

It sounds like it's just about a sure thing that Dampier will step on the court in a Mavs uniform during the upcoming home stand.

Dampier was recently cleared for full contact, but called Monday his first complete practice. Once he does come back, he doesn't expect to play more the 5-10 minutes at first.

"Conditioning is not what it should be, but I'm sure over the next couple of weeks, it will get to that point as I continue to condition on the court and on the treadmill," Dampier said. "Just getting back in the flow of things, being out for a couple of months, I haven't really picked up a ball. Eager to get back to it. Just have to try to work my way into some kind of conditioning."

"You want to be out there helping your team," Dampier said. "But I was hurt. There was not much I could do. Now my shoulder is feeling 60-70 percent better. I'm able to get out there and do a little bit more. Felt good today in practice. No pain. I was able to get out there and move a couple guys around. We'll see how it feels."
Clearly Dampier won't be 100% for a while, but just being able to give Diop a rest will be good. Diop has been playing 28mpg so far this season -- 10 more than his career high.


Eddie Sefko writes about how much the Mavs need Dampier back. And Dampier has some praise for himself too.
"Go up there and ask No. 41 how many shots he gets when I'm setting picks for him, how wide-open he is," Dampier said, pointing to Nowitzki. "How many times people are trying to box me out, which leaves him to get a rebound. [That's] being a presence out there on both ends. People who know the game know what I do."

Sefko also writes about Eddie Jones who will be returning shortly, but still not in his best shape.
Johnson has also razzed him for not being in the best of shape. During a light moment after practice, Johnson told Jones that he was going to call Miami coach Pat Riley, for whom Jones played last season, and ask him the secret to getting Jones in top shape.

Said Johnson: "He needs extra work. We knew that was going to be an issue when he came in the shape he was in. I'm pointing toward January for him to get in [top] shape. Now is the time to fight through all these little aches and pains."
And why can't Hassell get a chance to start in the meantime?


Jeff Caplan also writes about all the injuries and how nice it will be when Avery has a full bench to work with.


The AAC will be really green on Thursday.


This Day in Mavs History
2000 The LA Clippers shot 39.4% FT (13-33), setting the opponent record low for lowest free throw percentage.