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Know Your Opponent: Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers First Six Games

Tom Moore of the Philly Burbs has says there are a lot of reason the team just had a 1-3 homestand.
Kyle Korver shooting 3-for-16 from 3-point land qualifies.

Slow defensive rotations is another.

Turnovers and difficulty staying with fast opposing point guards -- the Raptors' T.J. Ford and the Hornets' Chris Paul -- were two more.

Marc Narducci of the Philadelphia Inquirer goes even further, and says the Sixers PG defense is in "disaray". He even breaks down how well opposing guards have fared this season.
[TJ] Ford averaged 15 points (shooting 12 for 24 from the field) in nearly 32 minutes. He also averaged 8.5 assists and 2.0 turnovers against the Sixers.

[Jose] Calderon averaged 11 points (shooting 9 for 12 from the field), 5.5 assists, and 1.0 turnovers in more than 16 minutes a game.

During a 93-88 loss to the New Jersey Nets, point guard Jason Kidd had a triple-double - 16 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists - in just under 37 minutes.

On Sunday, New Orleans point guard Chris Paul had 16 points and nine assists in 30 minutes and 29 seconds.
Sounds like it could be a perfect game for Devin Harris to return. Andre Miller should have serious problems keeping up.


Kyle Korver has been struggling.
In the last five games, Korver has shot 14 for 45 from the field and 7 for 28 (25 percent) from beyond the arc.

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