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Spurs Tonight Links

I love Mavs/Spurs games...

Jan Hubbard writes about Popovich's laid back approach to the regular season and how Avery is looking to copy some of that with the Mavs this year.

"When we're rolling into the season," Popovich said, "a practice more than an hour is a rarity for us."

Instead of being governed by tradition, Popovich created his own. Short practices on off-days, no practices on game days and a belief that in the marathon 82-game season, rest would pay off.

"I don't have any empirical formula to prove that it added up," Popovich said. "I have no proof that this is a brilliant piece of strategy on my part."

Well, yes, he does. In June, the Spurs won their fourth title in nine years.

This is about the 50th article I've read on the subject this season -- it's also good.


I really liked this Sefko article about Dirk trying to win an NBA Championship in a league that has Tim Duncan in it.


David Moore has an article I didn't like about how the Suprs are still way better than the Mavs. Come on, be a homer!
When San Antonio lost a Game 7 on its home floor, the top teams in the Western Conference had hope that the balance of power was about to shift. No longer would the Mavericks, Phoenix Suns and others dwell in the shadow of the Spurs' monotonous brilliance.

Only one conclusion can be drawn as we revisit that moment 1 ½ years later.

Not so much.

For all the Mavs fans who hate Charles Barkley, check this out.
"That was such a fluky series," Barkley said. "Dwyane Wade started getting ultra-aggressive, and the refs decided if you touched him it was going to be a foul. I still think Dallas was the better team."

Jeff Caplan writes about the completely absurd All-Star ballot that does not have Devin Harris on it.


Pounding the Rock


Around the NBA: Rockets injury number 1 -- Tracy McGrady strains an elbow and will miss a week.


This Day in Mavs History
2001 Tied the team record low with 0 steals.
I love records that can't be broken.