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Know Your Opponent: San Antonio Spurs

Spurs Last Six Games

Last Seasons Results
Spurs 97 @ 91 Mavs
Mavs 95 @ 92 Spurs
Mavs 90 @ 85 Spurs
Spurs 86 @ 91 Mavs

Spurs Injuries: Jacque Vaughn is doubtful (strained calf). Brent Barry is day to day (ankle).


Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News compares the Mavs and Spurs sixth men -- Jason Terry and Manu Ginobili. It's a good comparison too.
2007-08 Statistics Jason Terry Manu Ginobili
PPG 22.3 19.5
RPG 2.7 4.9
APG 4.1 4.6
SPG 1.0 2.4
BPG 0.6 0.6
FG% 0.549 .495
FT% 0.897 .831
3P% 0.500 .436
MPG 33.1 28.4
+/- per48 +9.9 +12.6

Manu Ginobili is #1 in the NBA in PER. Jason Terry is third. That led John Hollinger to list Manu and Terry as two of the biggest surprises of the year in his latest column.
Of the top three players in PER, two come off the bench for contenders in the Southwest Division. Terry would be the front-runner for Sixth Man honors if not for Manu Mania in San Antonio, but on their own his accomplishments in his new role are pretty impressive. Not only is he scoring in bunches -- 26.3 points per 40 minutes on 56.8 percent shooting -- but he's also taking care of the rock, with just six miscues in six games.

Tim Duncan is listed as a center on this years all-star ballot. With Duncan no longer listed as a forward and Garnett in the East, Dirk has a very real chance to be voted in as a starter.


Ian Thomsen put on some knee pads and nominated Tim Duncan for SI's 2007 Sportsman of the Year.
More than any other star of the last decade, Duncan maintained his respect for the NBA's ideals even when the league occasionally trampled its own virtues. For upholding those values, he'll be hailed generations from now as a founding father of the new global era. In the meantime, for whatever it's worth, he is my Sportsman of the Year.