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Must Read for Mavs Fans

Matthew Powell Aaronstampler of Pounding the Rock is not at all happy about last nights game. The result is a 2,300 word rant on his hatred for the Mavs and some of the Spurs players.

Here are some highlights.

My brain tells me that not only should I have expected this loss but that I should quickly move on from it, knowing that the club will be better for the experience. My heart though tells me I fucking hate the Mavs, hate every single little thing about them, and there is no such thing a silver lining losing to them, under any circumstances.
We were soft and mentally weak and we spent way too much time barking at the zebras and looking to them for help, a nasty stereotype that haters have about us that was only reinforced tonight, to my regret.
In short, Michael Finley is killing us.
As for Pop, he might love early season losses for their ability to provide teaching and motivational tools, but he's got to realize that losing to the Mavericks is not the same as losing to say, the Memphis Grizzlies. Like it or not, no matter how skewed the refereeing was that series, and no matter how many times he wants to lay the totality of the series on Manu's one dumb foul, the Mavericks are the last team to have beaten us in a playoff series and they're very aware of it. Don't forget, they got the better of us three out of four games last year too. At this point we have to concede that not only are they confident and not intimidated by us, but they have the psychological edge on us as well. They're in our heads.
Anyway, read the whole thing. It's guaranteed to brighten a Mavs fans Friday afternoon.