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Sunday Stuff

Hmm, not sure what to think of that game last night. A win is a win, but at home playing a Memphis team on their fourth game in five days, the Mavs really should be winning in a blowout. Not only was it a close game, but it real should have gone to overtime because Dallas allowed Juan Carlos Navarro two wide open threes in the closing seconds.

One of the reasons it was a close game was that Dallas missed 12 free throws. Devin Harris missed a lat free throw that would have given Dallas a four point lead, and Dirk missed his first four.

"I couldn't make a free throw to save my life in the beginning," Nowitzki said. "It was just a weird game for me. But at the end, I finally got involved a little bit."
Jerry Stackhouse says the Mavs 'got away with one'.
"We’re fortunate to get away with a win," said Jerry Stackhouse, who had seven points while bench mate Jason Terry slumped to a season-low 10 on 4-of-11 shooting. "It seemed like we were a half-step slow for whatever reason. We didn’t have our ‘A’ game tonight, but we still had enough to win."

Sefko writes about another Mavs win without relying on Dirk -- exactly how Dallas wants it.
But it's becoming evident that the Mavericks are going to rely on diversity more than Nowitzki's greatness – at least when the opportunity presents itself. To put it in perspective, the last time Nowitzki went seven games without leading the Mavs in scoring, when healthy, was the 2001-2002 season.

"We're taking away their plan of keying on one guy," said Jason Terry. "That's something we didn't do last year. But we're starting to get it done this year.

"The less we have to depend on [Nowitzki] to get 40, the better. And you know it [a huge game] is coming. He's going to have those."

Congrats to Avery Johnson on his 150th win. No coach in NBA history has reached that mark in fewer games than Avery (191).


Jeff Caplan writes about the Devin Harris/Jason Terry combo.

Harris was fantastic last night.


Jan Hubbard has an article about the all-star ballot.


Mike Miller inspired Scooter Hendon to list the worst hair in the NBA. Devean George made the cut with his quasi-mohawk.


David Moore looks at the NBA team salaries. Dallas comes in at number two thanks to Michael Finley.


This is really cool. The official Mavs website has set up mailbags for fans to ask questions to Art Garcia, Jerry Stackhouse, a Mavs dancer and ManiAAC, the broadcast crew, and assistant coach Joe Prunty.


Congrats to DJ Mbenga for finding another NBA home - the Golden State Warriors. TACOS!