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No Game Monday Links

Not a whole lot of links with no game today or yesterday.

Jan Hubbard has an article on Dirk's increased assist totals so far this season.

"He [was] out-assisting me, and I don't really appreciate that," Harris said, smiling.
In nine previous seasons, Nowitzki averaged 2.6 assists per game with a career-high 3.4 in 2006-07. He was averaging more than five until Saturday when he had only two, which dropped him to a 4.8 average, still good for second on the team behind Harris' 5.3.

It has long been said that true superstars are the ones who improve different facets of their game each year. Throughout his career, Larry Bird added a new dimension every year. So did Magic Johnson. There was a time when opponents left Michael Jordan open from 18 feet. By the end of his career, he was automatic from that range.

Nowitzki is following in those lofty footsteps. It's only nine games into the season, but who would have predicted that Nowitzki would rank third on the team in scoring average and second in assists at this point?

It's kind of weird. I think all Mavs fans expected last season was going to be the year that Dirk approached five assists per game. I guess we were a year too early.

That triple double is coming...


Sefko writes about the latest Mavs catalog with bunch of crazy stuff that costs crazy money.

Sefko also has a statistical look back at the week in review.


Marc Stein has Dallas number two in his latest Power Rankings. The Mavs come in at number 8 in the Hollinger rankings which we all like so much.