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Know Your Opponent: Houston Rockets

Second game of a back-to-back night, and it's against division rival Houston.

So Far This Season
Rockets 98 @ 107 Mavs

Last Season:
Rockets 107 @ 76 Mavs
Mavs 109 @ 96 Rockets
Rockets 74 @ Mavs 95
Mavs 80 @ 77 Rockets

The biggest Rockets news is that Tracy McGrady will return to their lineup tonight. He missed the last two games because of a sprained elbow.

Yao struggled with Mcgrady gone.
"Particularly, the last two games, I didn't play my game," Yao said. "In San Antonio, I didn't get the ball because of the fronting defense and against Phoenix because of their speed and my foul troubles. It took me out of the game. I was gone, like I never went to the game.

"There is a combination of factors," Adelman said. "Without Tracy (McGrady) in the game, they really concentrate on taking him (Yao) out of the game. They're fronting him every time, they're doubling every time he touched it."
I'm not sure if McGrady's numbers will be limited tonight.


Honestly every other Rockets article out there is about Steve Francis. I guess they still love "Stevie Franchise" in H-town. Good luck with that...