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Friday Roundup

Game three of the four in five tonight -- at Indiana. As fun as the last two games have been, I'm hoping the Mavs don't make this one as interesting.

Sefko has an article today about how the Mavs have been able to win despite going down early, and how it won't always work out that way.

The no-quit aspect of the Mavericks is admirable. It's also a sure thing in the NBA that when you light enough matches, you get burned sooner or later.

Jeff Caplan reports that Avery is trying to get Trenton Hassell into better shape.
...I've been doing a lot of running, trying to get in shape. I looked at it like maybe I'm not in the best of shape right now to do what he [Johnson] wants me to do."

Pretty interesting article on Stackhouse's new "near vegan" diet and how he thinks it's helping him this season.


The latest Carnival of the NBA.


Really good article by Sefko about how Devin Harris might be taking a big leap this season. It also makes a Kevin Johnson comparison, which is awesome, but a bit of stretch.


Good breakdown of how Brandon Bass was able to play against Yao Wednesday.


This Day in Mavs History
1985 Mark Aguirre had a triple-double with 25 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 assists. It was the 2nd time a Mavs player had a triple-double and the 2nd of 2 times Aguirre had a triple-double with Dallas.