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Tuesday Loss Links

At no point last night did I really think the Mavs were going win that game. That's unusual.

Eddie Sefko told it like it is in his game recap.

The Mavs were lazy on offense, settling for too many jumpers. They were 3-of-21 from 3-point range. They shot 39 percent for the game and just 22-of-62 (35.5 percent) in the last three quarters. A big first quarter by Dirk Nowitzki masked problems that became obvious later in the game.

Dallas' sluggish offense wasn't helped by the fact it couldn't stop the Wizards.
Having Josh Howard play reduced minutes because of foul trouble didn't help.
"I think if I had been in the third quarter, the whole aspect of the game would have changed," said Howard, the Mavs' leading scorer this season. "That's just something... I have to work on. And I think the refs need to cut me a break because I don't think I'm fouling that much."
I think Avery kind of blew this one.

What was the worst case scenario of leaving Josh in the game? Him fouling out and having to sit on the bench. I don't really see how the solution is to put Howard on the bench -- the exact same thing you are trying to prevent. There was no point in saving Howard for the 4th when the game would be over. Dallas needed him on the court in the third. Badly.

It was like a baseball manager refusing to use his closer before the ninth inning.


When asked about his fine, Avery started talking about his upcoming book.

I don't know if he was just trying to dodge the question, but it was really confusing.


Devean George has been cleared for full practice.

Eddie Jones is about a week away.


Art Garcia's notables.


Mark Cuban is behind some sort eBay-ish Facebook application and is going to be selling "the only existing Rodman Jerseys from his 11 days on the Mavs" on it.


This Day in Mavs History
2002 Michael Finley had 42 points, the 41st time a Mavs player had 40+ points and the only time Finley had 40+ points with Dallas.