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FRIDAY Mavs Links

Tonight is the first game of a brutal five games in seven days.

Fri 30 vs Portland
Sat 01 @ New Orleans
Mon 03 @ Chicago
Wed 05 @ San Antonio
Thu 06 vs Denver

It's one of the reasons Avery decided to give most players a day of rest.


Jeff Caplan writes about Avery's decision to re-insert Jason Terry to the starting lineup until Eddie Jones returns.
"None of our other solutions that we tried worked," Johnson said. "So we had to go back to our normal five. We still think to win a championship you’ve got to be bigger at the two-spot, especially against some of the teams we need to beat."

"Hopefully, " Johnson continued, "we won’t have to use it the rest of the season because then we’ll get back in the same situation we were last year.
If you're wondering why Avery seems to be putting so much stock in Eddie Jones, you are not alone.

Nothing against Eddie, I think the Mavs could definitely use him back, but I don't at all believe his absence has had anything to do with the teams "struggles" lately, or that he is any kind of key to the rotation.

Mike Fisher nails it.
Maybe this is all about the injury absence of Eddie Jones. But I frankly hate the idea that the execution of the Mavs’ master plan might hinge entirely on a player who:

* Is 36 years old.
* Has 13 years of wear on his odometer.
* Is a newcomer to this team and this system.
* Has this year has played five games for the Mavs – and contributed just 2.6 points per outing.
* Has a recent history of playing less than half-a-season.

Eddies Sefko says temporarily moving Jason Terry back into the starting lineup could help jump start Jerry Stackhouse.
"It didn't necessarily translate to the box score, but I felt a little more aggressive," Stackhouse said. "I feel more of an onus now with Jet back in the lineup. Now I don't have to come in and be a facilitator. I can just do what I normally do, scoring, being aggressive, and that will turn into getting assists because I haven't been able to find a good balance with that yet."

Around the NBA: Oh my god.


This Day in Mavs History
1999 Michael Finley had a triple-double with 14 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. It was the 20th time a Mavs player had a triple-double and the 2nd of 6 times Finley had a triple-double with Dallas.