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Friday Victory Links

Box Score


I thought it was a little ironic that Reggie Miller spent almost the entire game saying Dirk had to take on the scoring load and stop passing on shots for Dallas to win, and then Dirk clinched the game by wisely passing on a semi-open jumper so that Stackhouse could drain a wide open three.


How does Kelenna Azubuike go undrafted and begin last season on the Fort Worth Flyers?


Sefko mentions Brandon Bass in his recap.

Bass came off the bench to muscle his way to 10 points and 12 rebounds, the first double-double of his NBA career. He was on the court at the end of the game and came up with a huge offensive rebound in traffic when Nowitzki missed a 3-pointer.

"That’s why we got him,’’ Johnson said. "We need double-doubles out of our big guys. We need big men who are able to play on the perimeter.’’

Bass blocked two shots, and Johnson argued he should have gotten credit for two others. He played 32 minutes.
I was impressed with Bass when I watched the summer league games, but I wasn't sure if he would really be able to have much of an impact for Dallas in the regular season. I've been pleasantly surprised.


Mike Fisher looks at what questions that game answered.
Were last spring’s Warriors better than the Mavs? Or just hotter than the Mavs?

Let’s simplify this one: Are the Warriors even any good? ...

...Ask Nellie which roster he’d rather have.
David Lord has 10 notes from the game including one about Jason Terry.
One of the under-reported story lines in April was that JET - after a stellar (but falsely maligned) season of 48% shooting, 44% on 3's, and 80% from the line - did NOT contribute much against GS. This time he was huge. Isn't that really the difference between those losses and this win?
Sixth man of the Year and MVP? (no, I'm not serious)


Trenton Hassell hasn't been very good so far this season.


Jeff Caplan also writes about the fantastic start Jason Terry is off to this season.
Terry was shooting 60 percent from the field (30-of-50) and 61.1 percent from the 3-point arc (11-of-18) entering Thursday. He's averaging 22.8 points a game, a pace that would set a career high.

Jason's being Jason," said Harris, who returned to the lineup Thursday night after missing two games with a thigh bruise. "He's doing a better job of running the team. We know what he's capable of doing as far as scoring, but the biggest thing is the play-calling, putting guys in the right position and then forcing [opponents] into what we'd like to do, swinging the ball, and then he's getting open shots."

Quote of the day.
Nothing that we do in the regular season will matter, even if we go 81-1, since we already lost one. We can’t go 82-0 anymore.
- Dirk Nowitzki

I love that he said "anymore", as if before they lost to Atlanta 82-0 was a possibility.


GSoM knows why the Warriors lost.
To be frank, we lost for two specific reasons.

Reason #1: Free.
Reason #2: Throws.
GSW was 16/30. Ouch.


Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News loves this rivalry.


After last night, there are four teams in the Southwest Division at 4-1.


This Day in Mavs History
1995 Shot 5-5 FT, tying the team record for fewest free throws made and setting the team record for fewest free throws attempted.