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Suns Game Links

Every article this morning took the same angle -- Phoenix and Dallas, two teams trying to knock off the Spurs while they still can.

Sefko says even though having San Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas at the top each year is repetitive, it's not boring.

"We both have a couple good years left. So we'll see who reaches that goal. But we understand there's a lot of great players in this league that never won a championship. So it might not happen for either one of us. But as long as we still can walk, we're going to give it our best shot."

That's what makes the West's Big Three so much fun. They all are in the middle of their window of opportunity. Only the Spurs have leaped through.

Jeff Caplan writes about the Mavs suns both having rough patches to start the season, but they will be with there with Spurs when the season ends.
They each boast solid records despite some early bouts of inconsistent play that saw fan bases get skittish, if not fall into an all-out, blow-it-up panic mode.

The Mavs and Suns are practically in a dead heat for second place in the Western Conference, a race that will likely include the Spurs and play out all season.

Caplan also has an article comparing Eddie Jones and Grant Hill as players brought in to be veteran leaders and hopefully the final puzzle piece of championship contenders.


I watched the Hornets game last week, but must have been in the kitchen or bathroom while Eddie Jones committed one of the worst/funniest turnovers you'll ever see.