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The Friday Morning Links

Eddie Sefko writes about the work Dirk is putting in to improve his offense in the post.

"Overall, I still got to find a way to mix things up. I'm not going to be a post-up-only kind of player. I'm best when I give them a little bit of everything.

"But in the playoffs, that physical play is the way the game is going to go and the way it's going to be called, so that's what I have to do."

And, as Johnson said Thursday: "That's why we had him in the weight room today, so he can be much stronger as this thing goes on."

Caplan has the same article over at the Star-Telegram, but also has an interesting quote from Avery about playing Dampier against "small ball" teams.
"His lateral movement is a little bit better," Johnson said. "If you can get a big guy that can play against those teams and give you some muscle inside, we think it can pay dividends for us. You saw it pretty much by the way we played in the first quarter [against Phoenix], up 37-20."
"Do it. Do it".


Mike Fisher had some problems with this 'what if Nash stayed' blog post over at the S-T.


Down in the D-League: Nick Fazekas had 20 points and 16 rebounds Wednesday against the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Ager isn't listed in the box score, but this article says he had 14 points. I'm not sure which is right.


This Day in Mavs History
1982 Smallest road crowd in team history with an official attendance of a mere 2,436 at San Diego.