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A Development in the Southwest Division?

Confession. With the Mavs playing such uninspiring/unmotivated/uneverything basketball lately, it was starting to feel like San Antonio was just going calmly sit atop the Southwest Division for the rest of the season. Premature? Absolutely, but the thought was there.

Then tonight I was reminded why coming to conclusions after seventeen games is completely ridiculous. Tim Duncan went down grasping his knee in pain and couldn't walk off the court without help.

As it turns out, the situation probably isn't as bad as people were thinking at the time.

He has a bruised right knee and sprained right ankle - and is unlikely to play in Wednesday's game against Dallas - but he seems to have escaped serious injury.

The Spurs will await the results of a Monday MRI before breathing a full sigh of relief, but team doctors say there doesn't appear to be ligament damage to the knee.
Nobody know what his timetable is at this point, but he'll be missing some games...

Anyway, it sounds like a major story has been averted, but it's a reminder that this is a long (unreasonably long) regular season.


Video and reaction at Pounding the Rock